Heidi David was born a coal miner’s daughter in the badlands of Scarsdale. For those of you who’ve never heard of Scarsdale it’s Westchester’s answer to Great Neck. And for those of you who’ve never heard of Great Neck, it’s Long Island’s answer to Beverly Hills.

It didn’t take long for advertising to enter her life. One morning at Fox Meadow elementary school innocently walking the yard a heated discussion began.

“My father’s a doctor.”
“My pop’s a lawyer.”
“My dad’s an investment banker.”

Suddenly all eyes were upon her and with the authority of a worldly sage Heidi declared, “My daddy is the president of the trade association for radio.” Some confused glances and a few stray crickets later, she boldly went where no five year old had gone before. “He gets people to advertise on the radio,” Heidi explained.

And then her schoolyard chums popped some bubblegum and uttered those two fateful words. “What’s advertising?”

Cut to 16 years later. After working during her college years for a woman who had a grant from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation to interview famous defectors of the Russian theater. And then interning at the New York Shakespeare Festival during the 200
th anniversary performance of A Chorus Line, it was clear no ordinary career would do for Heidi. With her Vassar degree in hand she went out into the world looking for a raison d’etre. Heidi knew she needed to find a career where art meets commerce but what oh what might that be? Suddenly she recalled the fated words that had entered her life long ago, “What’s advertising?” The rest as they say is history.

Heidi began her advertising career as a floater at Lois Pitts Gershon working for the infamous George Lois. A man as well known for his award winning ‘I want my MTV’ ad campaign as he was for his foul language and tell it like it is attitude. But there was only so much answering phones and filing a girl with big dreams could stand. And when her take-off-your-glasses-Miss-Phelps moment didn’t materialize Heidi went searching for something new.

While writing and directing a documentary for her hometown on the local summer music theater program and taking a course on production at the New School it occurred to Heidi that she was most well suited to become a producer. So off she went to the production department at FCB/Leber Katz to hone her craft. Under the tutelage of Broadcast Production Director, Herb Miller, Heidi learned all there was to know about the fast paced and exciting world of production.

In her seventeen years at FCB (currently DraftFCB) Heidi has produced ads for many industries from packaged goods, to pharmaceuticals, to telecommunications. She’s supervised shoots throughout the world in all sorts of situations from the bottom of a 30-foot blender in the middle of the Australian outback to the runway at LAX in the middle of rush hour.

In addition to all her general production knowledge, Heidi is extremely well versed in all types of animation. Over the years she has developed a reputation for being the go-to-producer on all animation projects at FCB. Unlike traditional productions these assignments often last for several months at a time. She has also been called upon to train clients in these complicated art forms. It is Heidi’s stamina and strong attention to detail that makes her so well suited for these productions.

Time and time again Heidi has used her strong creative problem solving skills to produce high end, quality advertising often with small budgets and tight timetables. In a field where multi disciplinary skills are a necessity Heidi has been highly praised as much for her research & budgetary skills as for her creative and communications skills. Her reputation for creating and implementing innovative approaches to assignments is unparalleled. She has even been known to collaborate with copywriters and art directors to fine-tune creative concepts where necessary.

In her spare time Heidi is a writer working on numerous projects both short and long formats. She has spent the past several years working on a novel that she hopes one day to publish. She has also studied sculpture, enjoys carving in stone, and is a self-taught painter as well. Finally, if you’re ever lucky enough to visit Heidi’s kitchen let me assure you that her chocolate espresso cheesecake could make you fall to your knees and get religion.